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29 November 2013
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Sudah terima Ck dan Bvl nya. Manstap Pesan Disini Besoknya Langsung diterima :) Thx,,,

Chandra OS
Testimoninya koq tahun jadul ya Gan? Maaf, apakah tokonya masih eksis

bambang maryanto
Barang sudah sampai dengan selamat,bau lumayan enak,semoga tahan lama. Rekomendasi banget buat pembeli parfum yang budget terbatas tapi pengen punya parfum berkualitas

Apkh parfum ini asli reject? dijamin kan aroma dan ketahanannya? Thanks

bambang maryanto
Parfum dah sampai,cepat cm 2 hr,kualitas barang bagus,semoga wanginya tahan lama.Keep the good work.

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product arrow Chanel Allure Men

Price Rp 220.000 Beli
EDT | Men | 100ml

Chanel ALLURE HOMME for Men was introduced in 1999.

What is allure? An indefinable trait that somehow makes a world of difference. Regardless of fashions and gimmicks, it is "fascination revealed in the eyes of others". Allure Homme tells the story of a brave, generous and free-spirited person with the unmistakable allure of a real man. This trailblazing scent unleashes a wave that manages to be fresh, sensual, breezy and lingering all at once. Like its female counterpart, the secret of Allure Homme lies in these four facets.

The four facets take turns expressing green freshness, lively pepper, the woody strength of cedar and vetiver, and the smooth sensuality of labdanum and tonka bean.

None of these facets attempts to outshine the others: the whole point of allure is about not needing to shout to be heard.

Classification : Woody, Ambry

Top note : Mandarin, Lemon, Peach, Bergamot
Middle note : Freesia, Geranium, Rose, Jasmine
Base note : Benzoin, Tonka, Sandal, Vanilla

Style : Modern